June 20, 2021

Blue Prism Announces the APAC Winners of its Customer Excellence Awards

Blue Prism Announces the APAC Winners of its Customer Excellence Awards

Organisations from across the region showcase smart digital transformation through intelligent automation

SINGAPORE, June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Blue Prism® today announced the APAC winners of its annual Blue Prism Customer Excellence Awards for outstanding innovation and transformational use of its software. The awards showcase how Blue Prism customers across the region are using intelligent automation to transform how they innovate, operate and compete. After submitting an in-depth submission, each winning organisation was selected by a panel of distinguished judges made up of industry analysts, consultants and journalists.

CEO & Chairman of Blue Prism, Jason Kingdon, commented: “The commitment shown by our customers to digitally transform their organisations has been exceptional. Our customers require scale to achieve the highest possible ROI and our technology supports these objectives. Not only do their stories showcase the transformative potential of a Blue Prism digital workforce, but they underscore exactly how Blue Prism’s intelligent automation enables them to scale quickly, and deliver value. I congratulate every customer and look forward to seeing more outstanding innovation throughout the year.”

The 2021 winners in APAC are as follows:

Best Newcomer – APAC All-Star Award: TML Business Services Ltd (India)

TML Business Services Limited (TMLBSL), a 100% subsidiary of Tata Motors Ltd., is a global business services entity and is the process backbone of its parent organisation. Using the principles of the robotic operating model, it has created an intelligent process automation (IPA) CoE to re-imagine business processes, improve stakeholder experiences and enhance business value creation by the rapid and effective deployment of digital workers. It also uses IPA to strengthen risk management, compliance and controls by implementing a rigorous continuous controls monitoring mechanism. In addition to successfully delivering projects with the capacity to return 100k+ man-hours per annum, TMLBSL has progressively reduced financial risk by strengthening controls and improving financial accuracy in processes being run with digital workers.

Business Value Driver – APAC All-Star Award: ICICI Bank Ltd (India)

ICICI Bank Ltd, one of largest banks in India, leveraged robotic process automation (RPA) to improve customer experience, reduce risk, improve productivity and reduce cost. By building its digital workforce, the bank has been able to deal with increased volumes and a changing environment, both of which are critical for the bank and led to success in transforming operations as well as driving business outcomes.

Innovation Excellence – APAC All-Star Award: Fonterra (New Zealand)

Fonterra, New Zealand’s biggest company and the world’s largest exporter of dairy products, has created a smart bot which is revolutionising their global supply chain. What used to be a very manual process that took up to 24 hours is now taking less than 10 minutes. The bot ‘reads’ shipping labels accurately and quickly to connect vendors to products and move through internal processes easily. The bot was developed using intelligent vision capabilities, which combined with logic, catered for more than the standard few paths that an RPA process would typically automate. The bot has a 100% accuracy in reading and comparing the labels for all 800 variants. Through their initiative and innovation, the team was able to create a bot that is an integral part of Fonterra’s workforce and allows its staff to work smarter, and ‘Good Together’.

ROM Excellence – APAC All-Star Award: United Overseas Bank (Singapore)

United Overseas Bank (UOB), a leading bank in Asia, focuses on automation as one of its key focus pillars under its ongoing transformation drive. Blue Prism’s robotic operating model informs UOB’s automation strategy, including providing best practices in delivery and service operations, governance and demand pipeline management. In 2020, UOB automated 30 new processes and scaled the use of RPA across the bank’s network in Asia, resulting in productivity gains, a 30% increase in time savings and an estimated S$1.3 million in cost savings annually. With RPA, UOB’s services to its customers, such as facilitating voluminous customer transactions, were not disrupted despite the unprecedented move to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strategic Transformation – APAC All-Star Award: Midland Credit Management (India)

Midland Credit Management (MCM), the market leader in portfolio purchasing and debt recovery, leveraged intelligent automation to strategically transform its operations and enhance its commitment to compliance and the consumer experience. MCM has deployed 42 digital workers across various business units and continues to scale. The strategic automation journey played an instrumental role in helping MCM close the year 2020 with a streamlined FTE workforce, which translated to significant overall savings. Digital workers have also increased the agility of MCM’s business operations, leading to an incremental revenue gain, without compromising MCM’s compliance and consumer experience focus.

Woman in Intelligent Automation – APAC All-Star Award: Vanessa Corbett, ASB (New Zealand)

Passionate about all facets of RPA, Vanessa has helped to shape the ASB Intelligent Automation team into a highly functioning team delivering outstanding and innovative automation solutions. She has helped to build a robust operating model and a strong centre of excellence that has enabled her to drive the delivery of over 35 value-add RPA automations. ASB’s growth in the automation space has enabled the bank to scale up its robotic fleet, and consequently, it now has 60 robots running 24/7, the largest fleet in New Zealand. The bank’s automations bring a raft of amazing benefits to its internal and external customers and ensures that Vanessa, her team and colleagues can focus on what they do best.

Mike Cawsey, Senior Vice President and General Manager, APAC at Blue Prism, commented: “As companies across the APAC region accelerate their digital transformation efforts to meet the groundswell of demand for seamless integration capabilities, we are heartened by the trust that our customers have placed in Blue Prism’s offerings. As intelligent automation technology continues to evolve, we look forward to partnering and strengthening our support for our customers in their journey to achieving strategic transformation and delivering business value for their stakeholders.”

Learn more about these and other Blue Prism customer award winners.

Notes to editors:

Blue Prism is a global leader in enterprise robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation, transforming the way work is done. We have over 2,000 customers in over 170 countries and 70 industry verticals, 30% in the Forbes Global 2,000, creating value with new ways of working by unlocking efficiencies and returning millions of hours of work back into their businesses. Our enterprise digital robots offer high-scale automation that is secure, smart, accessible to all, enabling centrally managed human and digital workforces of the future and freeing up humans to re-imagine work. To learn more visit www.blueprism.com and follow us on Twitter @blue_prism and on LinkedIn.

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