October 24, 2020

Unger Named NPS Associate Director for Business Services

Unger Named NPS Associate Director for Business Services

Justin Unger has been named as the Associate Director for Business Services for the National Park Service.

Margaret Everson, announced the appointment and said,  “Along with his extensive experience dealing with complex NPS business and revenue issues, concessions management and contracting programs, Justin will bring field experience and perspective to the position,”

Unger will oversee the Acquisitions, Recreation Fee, and Financial Assistance and Commercial Services programs and will serve as the official responsible for developing national policy guidance relating to recreation fees, concessions and financial assistance. T

he Recreation Fee Program manages the collection, deposit, tracking and expenditure of fees that visitors pay when they enter a national park, use park facilities and campgrounds, or participate in various park activities. Annual revenue derived from the program is approximately $300 million- 100 percent of which stays with the NPS and 80 percent typically percent stays at the site where it is collected. The Acquisitions and Financial Assistance program is responsible for the oversight, execution, and integrity of the Service-wide procurement, financial assistance, and charge card programs. These programs comprise over $1.5 billion dollars spent annually. The Commercial Services program administers nearly 500 concession contracts that, in total, typically grossing over $1.5 billion annually. NPS concessioners employ more than 25,000 people in a variety of jobs during peak seasons, providing services ranging from food and lodging, to whitewater rafting adventures and motor coach tours.

Under has served 16 years with the National Park Service in various roles. Most recently, he was the Deputy Superintendent of Everglades and Dry Tortugas national parks.

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